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Healing - Growth - Transformation
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I value and recommend the following area professional peers from the Portland Metro area:

Bob Edelstein
Craig Butzke
Jerry Deckelbaum
Doug Pullin
Larry Thornton-Jones
Mark Henry
Paul Stretch
Pat Welly
Richard Ernst
Jeremy Manalis
Ross Cohen
Stephan Tobin
Tom Fuller
Jay Gregory
Chris Lehman

Beth Richman
Christina Rose
Erin Moline
Judith Swanson
Katie Kennedy
Kirsten Schwanke
Margaret Wolszon
Merrill Weyerhaeuser
Michael Drabanski
Sandra Taylor
Carol Stuart
Shannon Pernetti
Susan Webert
Erika Ruber

Child Therapists
Kate Mounts
Kelly Reams
Natalie Jacobs
Pam Crow
Redmond Reams
Theresa Page

Group Therapists
Pat Welly
Andrew Price
Elliott Geller
Matt Modrcin
Margaret Wolczen
Richard Ernst
Tom Fuller
Jeremy Manalis

Couples Therapists
Bob Edelstein
Carol Stuart
Mark Henry
Charles Edwards
Jamie Levin-Edwards
Jay Gregory
Laurie Sone
Rachel Raphael
Shari Levine
Loralee Newman
Sharon Stahly
Judith Swanson
Jill Hauben
Karlaina Brooke


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